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CampingCard ACSI-app

€ 3,59


Order access to the CampingCard ACSI app

Use the useful app! Finding an inexpensive campsite was never so easy.

Use the code
First order access to the campsite information and then download the app. To do this, use the code you will find on the reverse of the card. You can use the information for 1 calendar year.

If you have a combi-subscription you do not need to order access again. Download the app and log in with the same My ACSI account details with which you purchased (or converted) the subscription.

How you order access:

  1. Below, fill in the code, which is on your new CampingCard ACSI discount card.
  2. Fill in the order form and complete the order.
  3. Download the app and log in with your My ACSI details.
  There are several ACSI apps in the app stores. Choose the one with the blue CampingCard ACSI logo.

You are purchasing access to the campsite information for 2017 for the CampingCard ACSI app. This information is available in the app until 31-12-2017.

You can only use the app in combination with a physical, valid CampingCard ACSI discount card. It is available in 13 languages: Dutch, French, German, English, Italian, Spanish, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Polish, Hungarian and Russian.

If you do not see 'CampingCard ACSI Campings' in the search results in Google Play, the Apple App Store or the Windows Store, then unfortunately, your device is not suitable for this app.

ACSI offers three different campsite apps. Compare them here.

Afbeelding van de CampingCard ACSI App

How it works

The CampingCard ACSI app is easy to use and helps you search for a discount campsite in the vicinity.

If you would like to know more about how the app works, read the instructions.


The CampingCard ACSI app is compatible with:

  • Smartphone (Android 4 and higher, iOS 7 and higher and Windows 10)
  • Tablet (Android 4 and higher, iOS 7 and higher and Windows 10)
  • Laptop and computer (Windows 10)